You Can’t Sit Here (because there are no seats)

The understatement of the year:  The conversion of a micro bus into a functioning, workable food truck is no easy task. I can certainly see why some folks (perhaps those smarter than us) outsource this task to professionals. But, you know us – we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge.

First things first, we needed to clear the space and rip out about a dozen seats, seats that have safely carried sweet kids to and from school each day for nearly 20 years. I say “sweet kids” because, all things considered, this bus is in immaculate condition! I lived too close to school to ride a bus to get there, but I did ride busses to about a thousand football games and other band-related events back in the day. Whooo-wee, if those busses could talk!

So, with Billy laid out underneath the bus with a drill and me inside the bus holding the nuts in place with a big wrench, he was able to unscrew (that makes it sound so much simpler than it actually was) the bolts and screws that have secured these seats in place for nearly 100,000 miles. A couple of the seats were bolted in place too close to the gas tank, preventing Billy from being able to reach them with the drill. He used the heavy duty saw thingamajig (that’s a technical term) that cuts the bolts in two, and with some extra elbow grease, those came loose too.




A ton of sweat and a few hours later, these seats were freed from their home of nearly 20 years. Some went to the dump, and the rest went to Mississippi. Fun fact: my brother Anthony is going to give some of these seats new life as swings. How fun is that?


Now that we truly have a blank slate, we pretty much wait. We’ve submitted our plans and formal application to the City of Houston, and until we get the A-Ok from them, there are only a few small things that we can do to the bus. But mostly, we wait and focus our attention on other matters – like flavors!

Speaking of flavors, do y’all have any requests? I’ve already heard that we MUST carry pink ladies – that’s nectar with cream. What are your favorites that you want to see on our menu? Leave your requests in the comments, and I’ll do my best to get them in stock for you!


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