So close, I can almost taste it.

Things have been quiet here on the blog front, but pretty noisy on the actual conversion project. Since we last reported (officially, here on the blog; there have been other insta and twitter updates in the meantime – are you following along?), we have painted the ol’ girl!



She’s blue now!  This is her with out her grill, lights, and other adornments, fresh off the lot at MAACO.  We shopped and shopped around the Houston area to find the right folks – at the right price – to take care of our girl and polish her up like she deserved. Shall I remind you what she looked like when we first got her?


You’ve come a long way, baby!  Arthur and his team at MAACO Long Point did a tremendous job!

Once we got her back, we got back to work. Billy got all of her exterior accessories repositioned…



While Keylee kept a watchful eye.

Somewhere amid all of the work, we went home to the ‘sip to visit family and celebrate one of us turning another year older.  Ignore the candles; I’m sure that must be in error. But how cute is this cake tho?  Judy, my sweet brother’s even sweeter fiancé surprised me with this adorable creation, and it was as delicious as it is cute!


And then there was the time when the same sweet brother (Anthony) came over for a funeral (we lost my precious, sassy 84 year old Aunt Myrtle), and he stayed to help install the plumbing.  Definitely a silver lining during a most dark time.


And, now, she’s looking more like a food truck!


We’ve still got the electrical to go, and a few more big ticket items before we can pass inspection and hit the roads, but we’re getting closer, y’all!

So close, we’re even taking her to a friend’s crawfish boil this weekend to serve up some snoballs!  Because what is better than a crawfish boil?  Crawfish AND SNOBALLS, that’s what!

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