One day at a time, sweet Jesus

Are y’all making it okay?

I hope this post finds you safe and sound. It’s rough out there, isn’t it? Homes are totally lost. Major highways are flooded. Schools can’t open. Businesses are closed indefinitely.

What. A. Mess.

But, if I take a deep breath and stop for a minute, I realize it’s getting better.

It seems to me that today just may be better than yesterday. It may be just a teeny tiny bit better, but it is still improvement. Don’t you think?

What’s your situation like? Do y’all need any help?

I ask that in earnest. Please let us know if we can assist with clean up or possibly provide supplies or aid of another sort to help you through this difficult time. Send me a quick note, and I promise to get back to you quickly so we can get to work.

I’d offer you a refreshing snoball, but I can’t for right now. The li’l blue bus is in the shop to get some work done, so for the time being, all I can offer is a helping hand. And prayers. So many prayers have been said in the last 2 weeks! Those will certainly continue, and as soon as the bus is ready to go, we will hit the streets to get some well deserved sweet treats out to all our neighbors.

We are also interested in taking care of the first responders and other relief personnel. I’ve got a list going of some area stations and other gathering places, but if you know of a particular area that we should visit, please drop me a note.

If you’re not in Texas and are inclined to contribute to the relief efforts, I ask that you donate. Any amount will help. This won’t be “fixed” in a few weeks. Heck, we’re talking years before the 4th largest city in America is back on her feet.

J.J. Watt’s charity is a great option. We’ve all seen Houston’s sweetheart and the amazing work he’s done already.

If you want to help pets, I would suggest Lance McCullers, Jr’s organization Houston Pets Alive.

Our church, Second Baptist, is also doing great work being the hands and feet of Jesus providing the physical labor necessary to get homes and businesses cleaned up and ready for restoration. I know for a fact that 100% of the donations they raise are being used for relief (no admin costs whatsoever).

But really, whether you’re able to give or not, please keep our city and the entire Gulf Coast in your prayers. Prayers alone can do so much.

Hang in there, Texas. It will get better…


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