Still is still moving to me.

More than once have I related my life to a Willie Nelson song.  You probably have too.  Today, I’m singing “Still is Still Moving to Me”.  Know this one?

Still is still moving to me
I swim like a fish in the sea all the time
But if that’s what it takes to be free I don’t mind
Still is still moving to me
Still is still moving to me
And it’s hard to explain how I feel
It won’t go in words but I know that it’s real
I can be moving or I can be still
But still is still moving me
Still is still moving to me

It’s pretty obscure, and I’m pretty sure I don’t really know what it’s about.  But to me, today, it seems like it means that being still is still not actually being still.  Like, even though we’re not progressing forward as rapidly or doggedly as we’d like to, as we’re used to, we’re still moving.  “Still” is still moving to me.

Our food truck may not be ready yet, but we’re close – closer today than we were a couple months ago; closer today than we were yesterday.  But our November goal to open became a Super Bowl opening, which now looks like it’s becoming maybe a March opening?  I can’t say for sure just yet. It’s hard to project still.

There are so many moving parts that have to line up, and frankly, we could’ve used a “how to guide”, something that laid this out for us step-by-step. Now that I mention it, maybe I should put one of those together when we’re finished to help the next wave of future food truckers have an easier entree into the business.

I’ll add that to my to-do list.  Right after we get our food truck up and running.

Many of you have asked for a status update, and we are so excited that you’re excited.  We are too.  The short answer is yes. We are still opening up a snoball food truck.  And, YES.  WE CAN’T WAIT.

Thank you for waiting for us.  We promise it’ll be so good.

And definitely worth the wait.

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